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Stand Up Paddle, or SUP, is a sport that consists of paddling standing up on a long, wide and usually stable surfboard. The origins of the Stand Up Paddle go back to Polynesian cultures, where it was used as a means of transport to cross lagoons and rivers. Over the years, it has become an increasingly popular sport and is now practiced all over the world.

Water Experience offers a wide range of activities related to Stand Up Paddle, including courses, lessons, experiences and training for all levels. Our qualified instructors will help you learn basic techniques or improve your skills. Furthermore, for competitive spirit enthusiasts, Water Experience offers specific training to participate in Stand Up Paddle competitions.

Water Experience is a sports association that boasts several awards in the world of Stand Up Paddle, in fact in 2021 it won the Italian championship and many of the athletes that make it up have achieved good placements in national and international competitions.

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our guests, using only high quality equipment and offering personalized services to meet everyone's needs.

Stand Up Paddle is an activity suitable for all ages and levels of experience. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sea, improve one's balance and physical fitness and also allows you to explore otherwise unapproachable stretches of coast.

Our sup experiences will let you discover the sea all year round from ever-changing perspectives. Whether it's doing sup at dawn in the splendid Gulf of Mondello or sharing an aperitif with your friends directly on the stand up paddle boards, you won't be able to get bored with us.
The sup is also an excellent tool for surfing and therefore suitable for going out to sea in all conditions.

Do you have questions about the world of sup?

What services related to the world of sup does Water Experience offer?

Our association offers a wide range of services related to the world of stand up paddle in Palermo. We briefly summarize them below and remind you that by opening the page of each service you will find the description of each one and all the details necessary to use them:
- Lessons;
- Courses;
- Equipment rental;
- Equipment rental packages;
- Training/competitiveness;
- Sup experience at dawn;
- Sup experience at the aperitif;
- Sup excursion to Capo Gallo;
- Team building activities (write us for more information);
- Special activity (we promote them through our social networks);

What weather conditions are accepted for lessons and activities?

Sup is a sport that can be practiced in any weather condition, however our activities are also suitable for beginners and therefore we always try to carry out our activities with calm or basically calm seas and absent or light winds. Clouds and rain are not a problem unless they bring lightning.

Usually if the conditions do not allow it and you have booked a service, you will receive an email with alternative dates, if they are not suitable for you you can request a full refund.

What equipment is provided during the lessons and activities?

It really depends on the chosen activity, for all the services such as lessons, courses, excursions and experiences we provide everything, you will only have to bring a beach towel and swimsuit. For the rental service we only provide a board, leash, paddle and life jacket on request, we also provide the wetsuit for the sup rental service but it has a separate cost of € 5.00.

In any case, we suggest that you consult the page of the service you want to book for more detailed information.

At what age can you start stand up paddling?

Stand up paddling can be started independently from around 8 years of age, it clearly depends on the physicality and aquatic skills of the little ones. For example, our competitive activity starts from the age of 10, such as lessons and courses. As far as experiences and excursions are concerned, we evaluate from time to time whether it is appropriate to assign a table to those under the age of 10 or whether it is the case that they go on the table of their companion.

What are the prices for the lessons and activities?

You can consult our general catalog of services by clicking here where you will find the prices for each activity.

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